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Say Goodbye To Scary Needles! Our Kids Dentists Make Going To The Dentist Fun With Painless Laughing Gas, Free WiFi & More!

Need A Local Kids Dentist You Can Depend On & Trust?

We offer modern children's dentistry that's specifically designed with kids in mind.

From the moment you and your child arrive at our dental office, you’ll be made comfortable and relaxed as we describe each treatment using pleasant and simple language that children really understand.

Your child’s first visit with us will be an important one and we’ll want to make sure it’s a positive experience – for everyone involved.

When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

Ideally, you should bring your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts, and no later than their first birthday (1 year).

It is more important than people may realize to practice great dental (oral) hygiene and to receive good dental care for your kids as early as possible.

Until that time – or before you get to our dental clinic – here is some helpful information to get you through: 

Dentistry For Kids Dentists In Oshawa, Ontario
Dentistry For Kids In Oshawa & Durham Region

Another Satisfied Client! Dr. Riordan Working With A Child Patient

Dentistry For Kids: What can children expect during their visits?

With kids, it's never too early to develop good dental hygiene habits.

Practicing good oral hygiene at a young age will help to teach children proper habits when it comes to what they eat, how to floss, brush and maintain a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.

Sometimes, people don’t take ‘baby-teeth seriously as they know they will be replaced by permanent teeth later on.

This is true, but poor oral hygiene habits can lead to more serious gum and bone issues that can cause lasting, painful and expensive damage down the road.

Starting as early as possible is the key.


My son was terrified of the dentist until we brought him in to meet with Dr. Riordan and his staff. They took the time to speak with him and show him around and assured him that there was nothing to worry about. He reluctantly agreed to come in for a cleaning and now he doesn’t mind going (and even likes seeing everyone at the clinic)! Thanks, Dr. Riordan – you’ve got a client for life!

Dentists For Little Kids In Oshawa & Durham Region

– Margaret S.

Why Choose RDC Dental As Your Child's Local Dentist?

Local Oshawa Dentists For Kids

Complete Dental Care

We’ll provide your child with the most complete and comprehensive dental care.

Free WiFi For Kids

Free Consultations

You can bring your children in any time and we’ll gladly give them a free consultation.

Free Dental Consultations For Kids

We're Local In Oshawa

We’re conveniently located and accessible right here in Oshawa and close to you.

Complete Dental Care For Children

We Have Direct Billing

With direct billing, paying for your kid’s dental care has never been easier.

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Modern Technology

You can rest assured that we’re always using the most current technology available.

Dentists For Babies In Oshawa & Durham Region

Free WiFi & Television

Kids are more relaxed and better behaved when they’re occupied. We’ll keep them busy.

Kids Dentistry Billing Insurance Benefits

We're Great With Kids

We treat kids with the respect they deserve and speak to them in ways they understand.

Durham Region Dentistry For Kids

Parents Love Us

There’s less stress for the parents when the trip to the dentist is fun for the kids. 

A Positive Dental Experience For Your Child, Every Time!

Ensuring that your child has a positive experience during each and every visit to the dentist is important to us.

Starting with early visits and education, we find that most kids develop strong oral hygiene habits that go beyond simple brushing and flossing.

If they maintain their routines and overall attitudes toward good oral health, the chances that he or she will have difficult visits are greatly reduced.

But, sometimes, children do get cavities or other unknown issues arise that need to be dealt with.

In those cases – such as receiving a filling or having an extraction performed – we’ve got them covered with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), televisions in every room and free WiFi to keep them connected.

Whatever the reason for your visit, we’ll make sure that your child is informed, comfortable and occupied.


My 7 year old daughter had a couple of bad cavities and needed to get them filled. Of course she wanted nothing to do with it, but Dr. Riordan took the time and calmly convinced her that she had nothing to worry about. He showed her the ‘laughing gas’ set-up and explained she’d be calmer than ever, wouldn’t feel a thing and that they’d be done in no time. It worked like a charm!

Pediatric Dentists In Oshawa & Durham Region

– Melissa C.

Dentistry For Kids • Oshawa, ON • Durham Region • Kids Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

In the vast majority of cases, no, not at all.

The main difference between dentistry for kids and adults is that the ‘adult teeth’ in kids will continue to develop until their late teens.

Because of this, we try to ensure that your child’s oral health (mouth, teeth and gums) are in good shape and that the transitioning can occur without any issues.

We also use this opportunity to develop a strong relationship between your child and us and promote strong oral hygiene habits while they are still young.

Unless you or your child experiences a traumatic oral event, there are almost no situations where your treatment could be considered dangerous.


In addition to accepting most major dental insurance plans, we also offer maintenance and procedure packages and can work out a payment plan with you as well if necessary.

Please don’t let the costs of your child’s treatments delay their visits and be sure to get in touch with us so that we can discuss it with you first.

Generally not, and there’s not much difference in pricing between adults and children.

Plus, if your child’s teeth, mouth and gums are in good shape, the costs involved can be quite low.

It’s only when we run into difficulties – like from poor oral hygiene or genetic complications – that the costs for associated treatments can begin to increase.

Bring your child in for a complete exam and we can discuss all of these things with you. Creating and following a comprehensive plan for your child as early as possible is key.

Every child is different, but we normally begin to treat children as adults between the ages of 18 and 22.

Not at all!

We use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) instead of needles, so the kids become relaxed quickly and don’t feel a thing.

We explain everything to them and make sure they understand that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


We have child patients from all over Durham Region who come to see us from Ajax, Whitby, Bowmanville and more.

How To Properly Care For Your Child's New Teeth

Important: If you notice anything out of the ordinary – like swelling, soreness and bleeding – contact us immediately and we’ll set up an appointment.

How To Effectively Avoid Tooth Decay For Kids

Tooth decay – or cavities – is caused in the mouth when bacteria turns sugar into acid.

The acid eats away at the tooth enamel and eventually enters into deeper areas of the tooth.

Once this happens, normal oral hygiene (flossing and brushing) won’t help to stop it.

Unfortunately, many kids (children and adolescents) don’t practice stringent oral hygiene routines, which puts them at a higher risk for cavities and other, more serious dental issues.

By practicing proper oral hygiene (with regular flossing and brushing), they can effectively minimize their risk.

Combined with regular visits to our office (at least every 6 months), we can perform regular cleanings, risk assessments and we’ll take the time to educate them about good habits and techniques.

We Accept Most Insurance Plans:

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Don't Have Dental Insurance?

We take our dentistry for kids seriously and not having dental benefits or insurance shouldn’t prevent you from taking care of your child’s dental needs.

We’re happy to create a payment arrangement that works for you and your family.

Reach out to us and let’s discuss it!

RDC Dental Care Dr. Peter Riordan

“We offer full-service dentistry for kids that helps teach children the importance of maintaining healthy oral hygiene that will help to prevent unnecessary problems for them later in life.”

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