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Straighten Teeth Quickly With Dental Braces & Clear Aligners

We've Got You Covered With Conventional Braces, Adult Cosmetic Braces & Clear Aligner Systems (Invisalign)

You may remember braces as being unsightly, painful and extremely expensive. Not any more!

In many cases, we can correct and straighten crooked teeth in less than a year and even within six months.

Whether you choose conventional dental braces, adult cosmetic braces, or clear aligners (invisible) like ‘Invisalign’, we can straighten any smile and close unsightly gaps.

And we can do it quickly, painlessly and affordably.

These treatments are perfect for both adults and teens and some of the costs may also be covered by your dental benefits.

Serving Durham Region, you can easily schedule a free consultation at our Oshawa dental clinic.

A “Six Month Smile” is within your reach!

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Why Get Braces? For LOTS Of Reasons!

Six Month Smiles: Braces & Clear Aligners

When it comes to getting braces, the days of painful visits to the dentist every month are long gone. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, you won’t have to wear your braces for years any longer or endure much discomfort at all. Times have definitely changed.

As you’ll see in the images below, amazing results often come in as little as 6 months and all of our clients report that the process is relatively painless and doesn’t interfere with their lives at all.

Crooked Teeth BEFORE Invisible Aligners Oshawa ON

Before Braces...

This client’s teeth were slightly crooked and had large gaps, especially with his front teeth.

Braces & Clear Aligners Dentists Oshawa Ontario

7 Months Later

After wearing braces for just seven months, his teeth are straight and the gaps are gone.

Adult Cosmetic Braces Dentists Oshawa Ontario

Before Cosmetic Braces...

You might think that straightening this client’s teeth would be a challenge.

Adult Cosmetic Braces After Treatment

6 Months Later

But after just 6 months, you can see that his teeth are now in perfect alignment.

Clear Aligners Dentists Oshawa

Before Clear Aligners...

At first glance, this client’s protruding teeth might seem a bit extreme.

Clear Aligners Invisalign Dentists Oshawa Ontario

5 Months Later

It only took 5 months to get this magazine-style smile and his teeth are now completely aligned.

Dental Braces Dentists In Oshawa Durham RegionOntario

Before Dental Braces...

This example is quite common and a simple solution might normally seem out of reach.

Dental Braces For Adults & Teenagers

6 Months Later

But in just 6 months, we can see that all of this client’s teeth have been fully corrected.

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Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces) Might Be Your Best Choice.

Dental braces are wire-based appliances that are used to correct crowded and misaligned teeth or jaws.

Many people who need dental braces get them during their early teenage years, but adults can benefit from wearing dental braces as well.

The goal of dental braces is to properly align your teeth and jaws to create and maintain an even bite and pleasing smile.

For minor or less complicated corrections, another option is a series of customized, removable appliances called clear aligners, or “invisible braces.”

The Invisalign™ brand of clear aligners can be more expensive than fixed braces, but may have a more acceptable appearance to some adults.

Clear aligners may be effective with regular use, however many people need fixed braces to properly correct their dental problems.

Modern materials and technologies make the experience of having dental braces much more comfortable than in the past.

Did You Know?

We offer free consultations for dental braces & clear aligners and your benefits may already cover some of the costs. We also offer convenient & affordable payment options, available through

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Invisalign Clear Aligners Dentists Oshawa Durham Region Ontario

Braces & Aligners Options Incude:

Clear Aligners

Six Month Smiles

Traditional Braces

Adult Cosmetic Braces

Clear Aligners VS. Traditional Dental Braces

Braces For Teenagers & Adults In Oshawa, Ontario

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“Why settle for a smile you don’t love? Straighten your teeth with Invisalign clear aligner braces, instead: You’ll look better, feel more confident and improve your dental health at the same time.”

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