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We offer the most high-tech Wisdom Teeth Removal (extractions) and quality after-care supports you'll be needing.

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We Offer A "Comfort-First" Approach To All Wisdom Tooth Extractions

While in our care, your comfort is our top priority.

Wisdom teeth are the large teeth in the very back of your mouth that grow in during your late teens or early twenties.

Not everyone gets wisdom teeth, but most people will get four in total.

Sometimes wisdom teeth grow in straight, but more often than not, they can cause problems.

A dentist might recommend removing wisdom teeth if they are decayed, or are causing pain, infection, or crowding.

Recovery from wisdom teeth extraction usually takes about 4 to 7 days.

If the tooth is under the gum, then healing may take longer.

Wisdom Teeth Oshawa Dentists

We can help you decide if wisdom teeth removal is something you or your loved one should have done. It is best to do so sooner rather than later, before any problems arise.


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