Need An Emergency Dentist In The Oshawa Area?

We Offer Fast & Reliable Emergency Dentistry Services For Children & Adults In Oshawa & Durham Region.

All You Need To Do Is Call Us.

After Office Hours:

For all dental emergencies after office hours, please call our clinic at (905) 433-0737 and our voicemail will provide you with the mobile numbers of our on-call emergency dentists, Dr. Riordan and Dr. Forbes.

Dr. Riordan or Dr. Forbes will then immediately contact you and consult with you to make arrangements to get you to the clinic.

If you are in pain and need emergency dental treatment right now, please use the button below to provide us with a payment deposit and we will get you in as soon as we can:

Please note: Clicking this payment button will take you to our payment processing company’s page (Stripe)

During Office Hours:

If you need one of our emergency dentists during a weekday and our office is open, please call our clinic at (905) 433-0737 and we will get you in right away.

If you’re in pain and need emergency dental treatment right now, please call us:

Emergency Dentists & Dental Clinic Services Oshawa
Emergency Dentists & Dental Clinic Services Oshawa

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Effective Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

RDC Dental Care Dr. Peter Riordan

“Hi, I’m Dr. Peter Riordan, and I would like to assure you that we take all dental emergencies seriously and will help to relieve your pain and treat your issue as quickly and comfortably as possible.”

If you are experiencing dental pain from a knocked out tooth, broken tooth, chipped tooth, abscess, infection – or any other reason – we can quickly relieve the pain and fix the problem with our fast and effective emergency dentistry services.

Once you call us, our emergency dental clinic staff will assist you with any needed arrangements to get you safely to our office.

When you arrive at our Oshawa dental clinic, we will provide you with high-quality services that will leave you pain free and get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Our emergency dental clinic services are here for you when you need us.

24 Hour Emergency Dental Clinics In Oshawa & Durham Region

Dental Emergency Examples

We have included some of the more common dental emergencies and some of the things you can do to help yourself before visiting with our emergency dentists.


While mild toothaches generally don’t require an emergency dentist, a severe toothache usually comes with swelling, intense pain, fever and discharge. A severe toothache with such symptoms will most likely require a visit to our emergency dentists.

If you are experiencing a toothache, please try the following to see if it helps with the pain:

  • Clean around the sore tooth as best you can.
  • Use warm salt water and rinse your mouth to displace any food trapped between your teeth.
  • If your face is swelling, place a cold compress on the area.
  • Acetaminophen is recommended for temporary pain relief.

Do not use ‘aspirin’ under any circumstances!

Call our office for an appointment as soon as possible.

If the pain persists or worsens, call for our emergency dentist services and we will assist you right away.

Loose Or Lost Crowns:

If one of your your crowns becomes loose or falls out and you are in pain, please call us for an emergency visit or same-day appointment.

In the meantime, you can try the following to reduce your level of discomfort: Use dental cement, denture adhesive (or even toothpaste) to secure the crown back onto the tooth.

Important: Do not use any other kind of glues (including “Krazy Glue”) as they can actually damage the tooth and/or crown or make you sick.

Something Stuck In Your Teeth:

The first thing you can do when something is stuck in between your teeth and causing you discomfort is to use dental floss.

Gently and carefully, try to remove the object(s).

Do not poke between your teeth with any pointy or sharp objects as you might cut your gums or damage the tooth surface.

If the object remains stuck, please call us right away.

Lost Or Loose Dental Filling:

If one of your fillings is loose or has completely fallen out, cover the area with a piece of softened sugarless chewing gum.

This solution is only temporary, so be sure to call us as soon as possible to permanently fix it.

Infected (Abscessed) Tooth:

Untreated cavities can become infected.

If you know you’ve had at least one cavity for a while, it might now be infected.

If you are experiencing discomfort or severe pain from what you believe is an infected tooth, here are some of the telltale symptoms:

  • Severe pain
  • Foul taste in mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling
  • Fever

Abscessed teeth that are left untreated can result in more serious health hazards, such as cellulitis and sepsis.

If you are experiencing any of the above, please call us for an immediate assessment and possible treatment options.

Broken Teeth:

If you have broken one of your teeth and are in pain, please call us immediately.

If you are not in immediate pain, try the following and then contact us for an appointment:

  • Rinse the area around the broken tooth (teeth) with warm water
  • Place a cold compress over the facial area of the injury.
  • Locate and keep broken tooth fragments.

All damage to teeth should be looked at by a dentist to ensure there are no related issues and that the original issue is dealt with professionally.

Knocked Out Tooth (Adults):

If one of your teeth has been completely knocked-out, please call us first and then do the following:

  • Find the tooth and be sure to hold it at the top (not by the end with the root).
  • Gently rinse it with warm water (do not use soap).
  • Put the tooth back in its socket and hold it there using a clean cloth or piece of gauze.
  • If the tooth cannot be put back into its socket, use a cup containing salt water to transport it.

Time is the most important thing here and you’ll need immediate treatment.

Riordan Dental Care Oshawa Ontario

Driving Directions:

Located in Oshawa, Ontario, we are on the east side of Simcoe Street North, just south of Beatrice Street East and north of Sunset Drive.

If you are driving south on Simcoe, continue past Beatrice Street and Liz’s No Frills (you’ll see it on your right side). We are just past that plaza, on the left (east) side.

If you are driving north on Simcoe Street, go past the Long & McQuade Musical Instruments store (on your left) and the Petro Canada gas station (right side).

The next street on your left will be Sunset Drive (where the Shell gas station is) and we are just past that intersection, on the right (east) side.


Free parking is available on the south (right) side of the building.

Public Transit:

You can take the Simcoe Street Northbound or Southbound bus.

Both directions have stops at Sunset Drive, just south of the clinic.

The Simcoe Southbound Bus Stop ID is: 715

The Simcoe Northbound Bus Stop ID is: 686

Please visit the Durham Region Transit website’s schedule page for routes, fares and times.


The clinic is fully accessible.


You can call the clinic during regular business hours or leave a message if we aren’t able to take your call.

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